Friday, March 01, 2013

Pizza Monkey Bread

I have made this a few times already.  The first time it was straight from the recipe which is how I roll.  The second time my husband who really loves to cook got involved and added garlic to the butter which was much nicer.  This time he suggested I add basil to the stuffing.  He wasn't around when I put them together or he would have told me to do more in each.  The ones which I did put more, you could taste the basil and it was nice.

Simple recipe which I know I found lots of place, but I tried to make it as easy as I could since cooking isn't really something I love with a passion.  The dough is just the store bought in a can with the biscuits.  Then there is one pepperoni and half a mozzarella ball which were the type in the container with oil and seasonings.  I have tried making the bites a little bigger with two pepperonis and one whole ball.  Those are a little too big for me.  But having the two pepperonis with half a ball might be good as well.  This is two cans of dough, one package of mozzarella and then a package of pepperonis which does not get used up.

dibby up the dough, flatten, add pepperoni, basil, and cheese. fold to close and pitch to make sure it stays that way

melted butter with brush, garlic crushed into it

butter is used to coat each bite, and the bites are randomly

bake as dough can instructs, then let cool to touch, turn over bunt cake pan and put on a platter

Valentine Food

The heart shaped food that I have tried.  Valentine's Day is not really a watermelon time of year, so the heart-shaped watermelon didn't work out as I had hoped.

hot dog cut to make heart with cheese on ends

watermelon heart with oranges on ends.  the orange was from our tree which was still giving us oranges in February but they weren't that easy to cut up...

most of the watermelon did not get arrows since the watermelon was pretty small for the cookie cutters

pretzel with cinnamon hearts on ends

cute, but only a few thought they tasted cute...