Monday, November 14, 2016

dinosaur party

I learned a lot of dinosaurs when putting this party together.  I did not know the names of the spikes on the back of the stegosaurus.  I did not know the name of the dinosaur with the bump on the head.  And I did not know there were many names for the flying dinosaur, I only learned pterodactyl.  Good thing I have a six year old who could correct me during this planning...

Here is the invite.  They were sent out to the school and by hand in papermache eggs and the eggs had a little dino plus the paper invite inside that the kiddos got to open up.

The cake was just bundt cake on top of sheet cake, frosted and then decorated with red, orange, and yellow for lava, topped with dinos.  The bundt cake had a cup inside where dry ice was dropped in for the candle and singing.  The kids loved it.  Dry ice is soooo easy to get these days.  No longer going to the back of a grocery store and asking for some to be chipped off.  It is sold in a freezer, very close to the regular ice freezer.  Just remember that it will evaporate, even if stored in your regular freezer.


pterodactyl nest: shredded wheat nest with jelly beans.

stegosaurus scutes: chips

triceratop's wallowing holes: salsa and guacamole (apparently they were similar to rhinos and liked to wallow)

parasaurolophus nom nom: fruit

brontosaurus bites: veggies

hydrotherosaurus snacks: goldfish

velociraptor claws: buggles

T-Rex's tasty treats: taco meat

Found these two laddles on amazon.  one was dino, the other nettie.  very cute.

sand pit where the kids could dig for small dinos, skeleton dinos, and dino eggs

dino eggs, or called dino poop as some of the moms pointed out :)

Dino swamp, made with water and corn starch