Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tinkerbell Party aka Fairies and Pirates

 We did a Tinkerbell party for our oldest.  We included pirates as well since there were many boys invited, although one boy did want to dress up with wings.  We had wings and wands for the fairies to use to dress up at the party.  And the pirates got hats and eye patches.  The weather gave way to some pretty muddy conditions, so all of the outdoor activities were a no go.  We planned on doing "boat races" where two or three kiddos were in a cardboard box together and two "boats" would race each other.  We also planned to do "walk the plank" which is just a board raised slightly off the ground.

There was a sign outside that said "Welcome to Neverland.  Hello Fairies, Pirates, and Mainlanders!  Welcome to our daughter's birthday party.  We fairies have been awaiting your arrival!  Fairies, please grab your wings and wand.  All pirates much get their scurvy pirate gear too!"We did decorate some of the inside.  We used streamers and balloons to make "Pixie Hallow" and "Mermaid Lagoon."  The balloons were filled with regular air, which ended up being great because it gave the kids something to do inside.  They also enjoyed playing in the streamers which were hung from the ceiling.  This is make it difficult for any non-little person to actually see anyone else, but the kids enjoyed.

For the food, which was served in the "Fairy Garden," we had "krakens in island worms" which were hot dogs cut to look like squid or octopus set on top of mac'n'cheese which was dyed using blue food coloring to make it green.  The hot dogs were cut and then boiled which made them come out all crazy as desired.

Then we had "garden vegetables" (just veggie tray), "pirate cannonballs" (cheese balls), "fruit kabobs with pixie dust" (just fruit on a stick with a little sugar sprinkled on it), "lost treasure" (cupcakes), and "fairy nectar" (lime sorbet punch with ginger ale).

Although it seemed to be one of my least planned out and most rushed parties, it all turned out fine.  It seems that the parties are getting to be more and more like that these days.  I'm hoping the next one will get more of my attention...