Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Teacher Appreciation 2015

I was feeling a bit overwhelmed this year, so I just went with simple gift cards for the teachers.  And I did not get all that creative on the presentation either.  But this is for me to remember what I did so I can try not to repeat.

Thank you for being a light in the life of a child.

Thank  you for totes being an awesome teacher.

Thank you for helping me write a chapter in my story.

Thanks for making me feel like a star.

Thanks for sparking my creative juices this year.

I did a target gift card for all of the staff (it's a small school) and our extra curricular coaches/teachers.  I apparently forgot to take a picture.

This was something we decided to make special for a teacher from parts of a craft we did for a school auction item.  It turned out pretty nice.

I normally do something for the staff and teachers during this week to put in their break room.  This was from one of the days.  The rest were just non-creative food items.  Cupcakes & Brownies, Chips and Queso on Cinco de Mayo, Veggie and Fruit trays, rice krispie treats, and this no bake eclair.  I have made this cake so many times, and it is loved every time.  So easy that it's crazy.

Be Mine Valentine

These are the Valentine's from my kids for this year.

From the boy.  I used several free printables.
"Never tire of you" <- took me too long to post and can't find the link anymore

From the girls.  I used this free printable.

Kid's Valentine Food

We have a party around Valentine's Day every year and kids are invited to come along.  This was the failed kid food this year.  It was much harder to keep the dough shaped like hearts than I expected.