Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Mini Princess Cakes

So these were harder than I imagined, but still turned out cute enough for the ones eating them.  The idea started with the barbie in the bundt cake.  I saw a mini bundt cake pan and thought they would work great for a princess party.  Then I saw the little disney princess figurines and hoped I could make the cakes around them.  Some of them would definitely look odd, but I did not think the girls would care too much.  So here I go....

I made the bundt cakes, filling up the pan just like a normal cup cake.  For most of the princesses, I only cut the cakes in half and then hollowed out the middle.  I then used icing and stuck the modified cakes onto the washed figurine.

I did not worry about some gap since I could fill those up with icing later.

Other than my icing skills not be great, and a bit rushed, it was easy to ice the cakes to look like ruffles on a dress.  To make it easier on me, I just used the same color for all of the figuring skirts.  

Some tips which are probably known to folks that do this kind of thing, but not to me, the bundt cakes I had made a few days prior were easier to stick to the princess.  Also, the ones which I used only two halves worked best at staying together.  Some of the princesses were odd shape and some were really full skirts already, so I had to either cut more than in half or use more than a single cake to wrap around them.

Princess Tea Party

So we had a princess tea party this year.  It was a girl party which cut down on the amount of little people in our house and also meant we might have room to move around.  

We had tiaras for all the girls to put on and extra dresses if someone did not come with one.  

Then we did some fan painting.  The idea was going to be a little different or I would have put some glitter out to add to the fans.

The food was just simple food that might be tea party-ish but kids will eat, fruit, veggies, ranch and hummus, turkey and cheese roll-ups, and some sausage kolaches cut for bit size.  And then instead of tea we had hot chocolate out of tea pots and drank from tea cups.

 The girls each got their own cake, and figurine to take home.  Look here for tips on the cake.  The good bags also included a princess pez, a ring, princess duck, and one additional princess item different in each bag.