Thursday, August 21, 2014

ABC potluck: Our Preschool social

In an effort for the families of our preschool classes to get to know each other better, two families hosted a potluck social. We (the moms) found no ideas for this type of party online so I guess it isn't a popular thing. We decided to go with an alphabet theme since the kids worked so hard during the year to learn their letters, how to write them, and to start making words. We had letter pages to color and fishing for magnetic letters.  And then we just let the kids play so the parents could chat and get to know each other.

Each student in the class was given a letter and were encouraged to bring something to share which either started with that letter or bring something in the shape of that letter.  Here are a few of the creative items.

Fourth of July Party

We hosted a Fourth of July party this year. The main food was crawfish with corn and potatoes, fried fish and shrimp cocktail. But I got to add the desserts in color schemes. I had two in mind that I could do in the proper color scheme.

I made this recipe and topped with with strawberries, blueberries, and marshmallows.

I also made a pho molten cake using my pampered chef rice cooker. So easy, mix the cake, dump some icing in there, and cook in microwave for 11 minutes and done. And it doesn't taste mushy like most microwave cakes, even though oven baked is still the best. I should have made my icing a darker blue, but I was happy with it. I used strawberries to add the red. I thought about using blue and red icing but wasn't sure if it would just turn out purple.