Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Reward Chart

Our 4yo has been needing something for rewards because she has great days and then she has days where we are repeating ourselves like a million times for each request.  And I am just looking for some new discipline/"good job" for her to change it up a bit.  I got everything from Micheal's after just walking around the store a bit.  I painted and then hot glued.  The hot glue was not too pretty, especially for the small letters I used for the names, but it got the job done.  And since I had helpers it did not end up being completely straight either.  I was so impressed with all the easy magnet and wall putty that I found.  Things are really getting easier.

It is all wood parts that I painted.  The borders for each kid's area is craft tape.  The magnets came in those sizes and then I cut a long strip of magnet to stick to the backs of the stars.  All of the magnets came with adhesive backing.

The kids have already started playing with the stars.  We will have to hang it up and let them play with the stars only when told to.

Dinner Menu

I'm not great at meal planning for a week, so I have been hoping that if I make something crafty that needs to be used then I will use it.  I got everything at Micheal's after just walking around the store.  I painted and then hot glued.  Hot glue is not the cleanest looking, but it worked.

The frame/backing and the letters are wood parts that I painted. I bought a pack of clothespins already painted and labeled with the days of the week.

It will quickly get hung in the kitchen and I will start filling out paper with what we currently eat for a planned dinner.  So now my husband will hopefully stop asking (or at least I will have an answer).