Thursday, April 25, 2013

Teacher Appreciation

For the teacher appreciation gifts this year, I ended up doing the following smaller gifts.  It seemed like due to after school which sort of is during the school day and then several changes during the year, I had several to do so I tried to keep them simple.  Plus I have an upcoming engagement which meant I did not want too much to do in order to prep beforehand.  I must add that the sucker bouquet was the biggest pain to make.  I don't know how most people do it and I don't think mine were the cutest by far.  I had to wrap it with tape to keep them all together and look right.  They still didn't seem to look quite right.  If I had a third hand, I think I could have made them cuter.
Monday: "You are EXTRA special" on some Extra gum, dressed like a gift.
Tuesday: "Ms. Teacher, Student is a sucker for you!" around a sucker bouquet.
Wednesday: "We need some S'MORE teachers like you!" around a bag of the stuff needed to make some.

Thursday: "You are SIMPLY the best!" around a "simply" drink, all different.

There is also a swim teacher now that I decided to deserved a gift.  We have gone from not even enjoying time in the bath to working on swimming across the pool in 6 short months so I am just amazed at how they do it at this place.  It is a "fish bowl" which was a small vase filled with Swedish fish.  I put three bags of them in there.  The bowl has written on it, "Mr. Teacher, you are O-fish-ally the best swim teacher!"  The "fish" is a sad picture of a fish, but at least the point can be made ;)